Festival Wolpop

Wolpopavond Owee

date_range 21 / 08 / 2012

access_time 20:00

Genres: Punk, Rock&Roll


Op deze avond worden jullie verwend met dansbare elektro. Dead Cat Stimpy maakt one-man psycho rock & roll trash en Capacocha zorgt voor een goede partij electro rock & rolla outta controllaaa.

Dead Cat Stimpy

One-man band. Rock and Roll.


"No pretentions, no technical difficulties, but TIGHT, FUN and with 200% ENERGY!" Capacocha is like a ship in stormy water, but this ship knows how to party. The trashy guitars, funky grooving bass, cheesy organs, danceable electro-beats and screaming vocals form, together with this true stage-animal on the loose, a pumping set of electro-rock&rolla-outacontrolla! HELL OH MY FUCK YEAH! SACRIFICE FOR PARTY!


Deze avond wordt georganiseerd in Sociƫteit Novum.

Verwersdijk 102
2611 NK, Delft
+31 15 212 1516

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