Festival Wolpop

The Soul Travelers (60 jaar Wolbodo)

date_range 03 / 05 / 2019

access_time 20:00


A great party to open the anniversary month of Wolbodo. Wolbodo turns 60 this year!! It will be an evening with live music and DJs (Wolpop takes care of the line-up) with the motto "Boer lust rum" (farmer fancies rum). Already think about how to dress up. More info follows soon...

DJ Petrol Molotov

Balkan Beats tot diep in de nacht. Klinkt als: bouncy bass lines, badass raggamuffin, retro electro mashups, global bass, dancehall reggae, ghetto swing, electrocumbia and balkan jungle.

The Soul Travelers

The Soul Travelers are an acoustic band bringing guitar, pandeiro, bass, trumpet, and rap. The group was founded by american rapper Donnie Adams and dutch guitarist Guido Schotten; their acoustic sound was born spontaneously while hanging loose in Namibia. They played shows all over the country at festivals like Magneet and Popronde.


Brazilian bossa nova, Gypsy swing, Afrobeat, American funk, Colombian electro, Turkish disco and more… A collection of tasty tracks from different places during different times, mingled with some modern beats now and then. A colorful mosaic of groovy tunes from our interconnecting dynamic planet.


Deze avond wordt georganiseerd in Sociëteit Novum.

Verwersdijk 102
2611 NK, Delft
+31 15 212 1516

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